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Ethnomedicinal studies of some tree species of Chamba district (Himachal Pradesh) India.

Asha Arora, Mukesh Sharma, Sushma Gupta


The present study encompasses 121 ethno-medicinal uses of 26 tree species of 20 families deployed for 75 maladies and 16 body systems as included in WHO-ICD 11 by Gaddi and Gurjar tribes of Chamba region (Himachal Pradesh). Tribal’s were more familiar to therapeutic plants used for digestive disorders i.e. 24 use reports of 16 tree species followed by skin maladies and localized infections. No citation regarding immune system, circulatory, sensory systems, mental, behavioral / neuro-developmental disorders, sleep-wake disorders, conditions related to sexual health and injury, poisoning or certain other consequences of external causes was obtained. Taxus baccata was found to be most versatile species of the region as it was deployed in 13 diseases of 8 body systems.


Gaddi, Gurjar, Chamba, ICD 11, Taxus baccata

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