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Studies on macromorphological taxonomic variations in Abutilon species of Indian Thar Desert

Ilham Bano, Deora G.S.


Abutilon is an important medicinal plant. Its various plant parts such as leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds were used to treat various diseases and ailments from the ancient time. Present work deals with the investigation of three species of Abutilonviz. Abutilon indicum, Abutilon pannosumand Abutilon ramosum with a view to study macro morphological variations and to identify a set of diagnostic characters for individual Abutilon species. Distinct variations exist in stem surface and colour, leaf shape and size, flower diameter, fruit colour, shape and size, number of mericarps per fruit and seed structure. All these macromorphological variations were helpful in identification and delineation of the plant species.


Abutilon, macromorphology, mericarps, schizocarpic fruit, subtrilobate leaf

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