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Effect of post-harvest treatment and storage temperature on fragrance of Jasmine (J. grandiflorum)

Mohana Sundari, Sivakumar T., Krishna Surendar K., Ganga M.


The postharvest experiment was conducted to maximize the shelf life of Jasminum grandiflorum without losing its fragrance using with different chemical solution in department of Crop Physiology, Tamilnadu Agricultural University during 2017 - 2018. The demand for this species for oil extraction is more compared to other species. Among the Jasmine flower production major quantity of Jasmine flowers are utilized for isolating and manufacturing Jasmine oils. The experimental design followed for this study is FCRD. The chemical solutions viz., silver nano particle (20 ppm), Boric acid (4%), sucrose (4%), NAA (100 ppm), BA (500 ppm), α-AIB (20µM) are used as anti-senescence. After chemical treatment the flower buds packed in polypropylene bags (200 gauges) and stored in ambient and cold storage condition. The observation was made periodically up to flower senescence. Among the different chemical treatment silver nano-particle (20 ppm) having the significant effect on fragrance and shelf life over control.


Jasminum grandiflorum, Fragrance. Shelf life, Storage, Post-harvest treatment

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