Physiological, Biochemical and Silkworm Bio-assay studies on certain Mulberry cultivars responses to water stress

Obulapathi N, Anandarajulu N, Jhansi Rani T, S. Thimma Naik


Four Mulberry (Morus alba L.) cultivars, My-01, BP-01, PP-01, and G4, were studied for their physiological, biochemical, and bio-assay responses to a 10-days severe water stress conditions. The morphological parameters of shoot weight, leaf weight, root length, root weight, biochemical parameters such as carbohydrates, total chlorophylls, carotenoids, proline content, and bio-assay studies of larval weights from the third to the fifth instar, post cocoon parameters of cocoon fresh and dry weight, cocoon shell percentage, filament length, and filament denier were studied in leaves on sixty days drought induction (well water and water stress). The results showed that total morphological parameters, bio-molecules of carbo- hydrates, protein content, total chlorophylls 30% decreased significantly as the level of all Water stress induced leaves decreased four cultivars, proline, and carotenoids increased 50%. Based on the results of the above study, the G4 cultivar has significantly higher tolerant characteristics observed in all parameters studied.


Mulberry cultivars, Morus alba, Silkworm, Water stress, Bio-assay

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