Impact of Seasonal Variation on the Distribution Pattern of Coccoid and Filamentous Cyanophycean Aero-Algae from Nagpur, India

Jogita T. Pandkar


: Investigation was carried out at Nagpur for a year to understand the aero algal flora and its distribution pattern by exposing slides daily using stationary Lakhanpal and Nair sampler. Slides were exposed at a height of 35’11”. After every fortnight, two slide were exposed and strip from second slide is used for culturing. From 365 slides obtained, total 943 algal forms were encountered. From the exposed slides 253 aero-algal forms were identified upto generic level and from the cultures 50 aero-algal forms were identified upto generic level. Cyanophyta (905) was found to be the most dominant group, followed by Bacillariophyta (22), Chlorophyta(14) & Euglenophyta(2) respectively. Out of various genera recorded, Lyngbya, Phormidium, Chroococcus, Gleocapsa, Merismopedia, Euglena & Chlorella were found to be dominant. Maximum total number of algal forms (297) were recorded in the autumn season of October while minimum total number of algal forms (17) were recorded in the rainy season of July. The aero-algal calendar prepared during investigation period indicates the presence of aero-algal forms throughout the year. Filamentous cyanophycean forms were found to be dominant during December-February while the coccoid cyanophycean forms were dominant during October-November. During rest of the months both the forms are more or less in equal proportion. The metrological parameter like humidity, temperature, rainfall and wind velocity influences the abundance or otherwise for the presence of algal components in the air. It is further observed that ,it is not only the climatic conditions which play a vital role in the distribution of aero-algal forms but seasonal variation has a more clear impact on the distribution and occurrence percentage of algal aerosols


Aero-algae, Seasonal variation, Nagpur, Allergenic forms, Natural incubation, Aerosols

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