Scanning Electron Microscopic Study Reveals The Developmental Stages And Ultrastructure Of Utricles In Utricularia striatula Smith

Narasimhan S.


The developmental stages and structure of utricles of Utricularia striatula Smith has been studied in detail using Scanning Electron Microscope. The utricles follow four phases of development. They originate as small protuberances (Phase I), then the stalk appears (Phase II), the development of mouth and terminal triggering tentacles (Phase III) and finally the enlargement to form a mature utricle (Phase IV).  The utricle is a swollen flask shaped structure. The mature utricle has a long stalk, the trap and mouth with a bifid lip from which terminal triggering tentacles originate.  Presence of sucker shaped cells is a characteristic feature of U. striatula.  These cells are present throughout the vegetative body including utricles.


Utricularia striatula; Utricle; Developmental stages; SEM

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